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Why choose New York for your next incentive, conference or corporate event with Wedgewood USA?

Accessible -
2 major international airports with pan-global connections
Year-round -
a 365 day, 24/7 destination!
World Class Hotels -
modern and trendy, classical and sophisticated, conventional and relaxed
Entertainment -
plethora of choice - Broadway, ballet, opera, jazz, dance, concerts and sporting events
The Arts -
a wealth of internationally acclaimed museums, private galleries and auctions houses
Iconic -
identifiable landmarks for excellent promotional campaign ideas
Eclectic Dining -
hot dog stands, chic restaurants, classic old timers, trendy bistros, vibrant steak houses, casual cafes
Evolving -
unique, diverse, energetic and multi-cultured, the Big Apple, ever evolving, is always fresh and new
Unique Venues -
skyscraper rooms with views, downtown lofts, converted banks, hi-tech clubs and contemporary museums
Retail Therapy -
designer clothing, collectable art, ultra-modern technology, sporting goods, Sales, Sales and more
Exciting -
energetic, fast-paced, non-stop, organized chaos
Motivational -
New York is the upper echelon of any prize and the pinnacle of achievement

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